Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I've been a busy little bee

You can tell that Luke is on holiday, I always get more done because I get to lie in! Yep, I love my pit!

This is a card I made for the color challenge on Splitcoast this week. I never would have thought to put these colors together, but I love them. I might try something completely different in these colors.
I have made a few other cards but they are for classes or for stamp shack.
If you have time pop into Stamp Shack over the weekend we are having a Halloween nite from 7-12 Saturday and Sunday EST, that will be a killer of midnight-5am for me! The website is on the right.


Lisa said...

I love this card. I think roses in winter is a beautiful, versitile set. You proved it. This is fabboo baby!

Jennie said...

Lovely card, Alli!
I'll see if I can find you at the Shack ;)