Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I'm neurotic!

As you may have gathered by now if you read my blog, I am completely neurotic! I'm ok with that though!

I put way too much worry into a card, it is just a piece of flipping paper at the end of the day, but no I have to turn a piece of paper into the Mona Lisa!

I am trying really hard though to stop being so neurotic and just make something I like.

Well today, I have made a card that I absolutely love! HURRAH! you all shout! :)

I love this card. It is using Imeldabella from I also used my new, favorite sentiment set Paper Tray from The double sided paper is from Pebbles Inc.

The thing I always struggle on the most is the layout of my card, so last night I decided to print out all the old sketch challenges from Splitcoast and just pick the ones that I like and didn't try the first time around. Why didn't I do this earlier? They have really inspired me.

My favorite part of this card, the frayed ribbon! :) It is the Technique Lover's Challenge this week and I think the frayed ribbon really looks like hair! I know, I know, it doesn't really, but I think it does.


Michelle said...

I love those SCS challenges!
Your imeldabella is beautiful! Great paper!

Beate said...

Gorgeous card girl!

Tonniece said...

Great card Alli. My Bella's are on the way. I just got the word.

Helen said...

Wow! Love this! My favourite bit is the way you painted the ground she's standing on - v effective. Although the hairy fibre is very cool too! :)

Lisa said...

Wonderful card! That is so funny...I printed out all the sketch challenges last night and put them in a binder for the same purpose. Great minds think alioke, i guess!
I love your card elements. :)

Anna said...

Your cards are always fantastic. I especially like this Bella one.

squishychickfi said...

Now I know why you bought all that double sided scrapbooking paper!!! LOL - love this one, very me I would say!

Jen said...

This is just darling!!! Loving the colors and the fold on the paper!

Gina Wrona said...


Tell me, pretty please, how'd you get the frayed ribbon?????