Wednesday, January 24, 2007


This is a card I made to submit for a design team job. I have decided not to submit it because it is too simple. I made it using my Cricut die cutter and some primas that Lisa sent me. Thanks honey!

It is very simple but easy to do. Now back to the drawing board! :)

I am also determined to get published this year, so I am going to make some cards over the next week to send to magazines, I can but try you never know.

Other bit of news, Stampin Up is coming to the UK, I am so happy about it! I just so want to be a demo for them. They have such great products at really reasonable prices and nearly every card I make is made with their stuff, so I am really happy to not have to buy them off ebay!

I found out today why my photos have been so terrible, my 7 year old has been sticking his manky fingers all over the lens of the camera! Took me ages to clean it! But at least my photos won't look like I have been taken them in the fog now!


Lisa said...

I think it is a beautiful card. I wish you bunches of luck to get published. (it's kind of my goal too)
Your stuff is amazing so I think it should work out for you!

Funny my kids have manky little fingers too! :)

Tonniece said...

Getting piblished should be a sinch for you, your cards are great. Good luck to you, although I don't think you need it.

Karen said...

Spew!!!! OMG! So all this time your quest for a clear photo was all for nothing it was fingerprints the whole time! I am sorry I am laughing but this is something that would hapen to me!

Kimberly said...

It's a winner! We'll have to encourage each other to get our cards sent in. That's a goal of mine for htis year too!