Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rememberance Day

It is Rememberance Day on Sunday and I made this card for a challenge on Stamp Shack to make a card for Rememberance.
I kept my card simple deliberately to let the sentiment speak. We can only enjoy the dreams of tomorrow thanks to the sacrifice of yesterday.
In our stores over here, we have old soldiers selling poppies for the Rememberance Day appeal. I love seeing them, they are so proud and so uncomplaining and I make sure that Luke buys a poppy and understands the sacrifice that these men and their friends made. He loves to speak to the old soldiers and they seem to love speaking to him, I am so proud of all of them!


Jen said...

Beautiful card Alli! I agree, it's so important not to forget their sacrifices and what it all was for.

Jennie said...

Amazing clocks! That is gorgeous :) And I loved reading your heartfelt post.

Lisa said...

Wonderful card. With an even better story. Thanks for sharing.

Saffa said...

Your cards are really beautiful! Very stylish and classy!

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