Thursday, May 10, 2007


I have been MIA for the past few days for a number of reasons. I have hurt my back and I am finding it really hard to sit in one place to stamp at the moment.
Also, it's my son's 8th birthday tomorrow, so I have had lots of little jobs to do. :)
Finally, it was my monthly craft club yesterday. I taught faux shaving cream and I will upload some of the cards when I get the chance. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it, although I was really strict with them and made them all swipe and drag the small stamp through the big stamp, rather than just tap timidly. They are used to me now though and just laugh at me! :)
If you want to know how to do faux shaving foam the details are here


Mary Campbell said...

I hope your back is feeling much better now. I really miss when you don't get to share.

Joan said...

Oh, hope your back improves quickly. Don't mess around with that! Give a happy birthday hug to your son from me!

Rose Ann said...

Oh, Alli...I hope your back is feeling much better real soon! Happy, happy birthday to your son as well!!

Karen said...

Ahhh Alli I hope you get better soon. Miss you!

beate said...

Ally, I hope your back feels better soon. Thanks for giving us an update. I am missing your uploads!

Frog said...

Hi Alli sorry to hear you have got a bad back, hope you are feeling a bit better, lovely cards you have created.

Andrea xx