Monday, May 14, 2007

Your lesson for today

Your lesson for today is don't play tennis on your son's Nintendo Wii. I was playing tennis and I smashed my hand into a bookcase on Friday.(For those tcchnophobes like me, you simulate the movements of a tennis player on a Wii) So now my knuckles are all black and swollen and I can't stamp, lol.
They've gone down a bit today, so hopefully I can pick up a stamp again today or tomorrow and I have learned my lesson, don't play with your son's video games when you reach 40, your brain is too slow, bwahahahahahahaha!


Rose Ann said...

Ouch, Alli! I sure hope your hand feels better soon! I miss your awesome creations.

Take care of you. ;)

Jen said...

Hope your hand is feeling better soon honey!!!

And remember, don't stand near anything when playing Wii, and if you are boxing be prepared for the heart attack.....LOL

Yvette said...

Oh my goodness, Alli! We just got a Wii, too! My husband has actually been working out while playing boxing! :D Get better soon!