Saturday, April 21, 2007

I forgot!

I have been sat in my craft room for 5 hours trying to create and blah! Nothing! So today you are getting a card I made a couple of weeks ago that I forgot to upload!

I have decided that my weekness is sentiments, I never know what to use, how to attach them, where to put them. I see everyone else adding ovals, tags, circles, etc and they always look so natural and part of the card, but me, I just can't think of what to do to finish the card off. I think I need to start making sketches of how everyone attaches their sentiment. I think Cindy Haffner on Splitcoast (sorry site was down at the time I wrote this post so I couldn't put a link) is a genius at attaching sentiments, they always look such a natural part of the card, mine always look plonked on! :)

So, that is going to be my quest from now on. Every time I see a card with an interesting sentiment, I am going to note it in a notebook and lets see if my cards improve!

Details - stamp Hero Arts

Cardstock - scraps

patterned paper - DCWV

I markered straight onto the stamp to get the coloring for this stamp, isn't it cute?


beate said...'s gorgeous! You are way to hard on yourself.I bet in those five hours you did create some gorgeous stuff! Have a wonderful weekend!

Joan said...

gorgeous job. yep, i have the same problem with sentiments!

Rose Ann said...

This is sooo absolutely beautiful!!

I have a problem with sentiments as well. Often, I will leave them off purposely so that I can stamp the proper sentiment when needed.

Just an idea.

Jen said...

Fabulous Alli!

Susan said...

Love your blog site and all the wonderful cards i have not linked your blog to my blog
Bye For now

K2 said...

This is gorgeous!

Susan said...

just taged you blog to mine llove your site

Stampin' Project Junkie! said...

Have a glass of tee and get back in there girl!!!! hahhaha! (Well that works for me at least) I love the card!! Great Job!

Lisa said...

I wouldn't be mad if it was in my mailbox!!! It is so pretty!