Monday, April 02, 2007

More, more, more!

Do you have a set that you struggle with? Do you have a set that no matter how hard you try, your cards turn out to be really ugly.

Well this is the set that it happens to for me. This is Trees Three and I love the idea of building a tree with stamps but everything I make with this set is truly ugly. This is the only card that I have made that is halfway even passable, still don't really like it though.

It's hard to tell from the picture but the banana colored stripe is actually the same color green as the ribbon I used. I hate the way sometimes your camera doesn't capture the colors you used accurately.

Anyway, I am not going to give up, this stamp set is not going to defeat me! I am going to beat it! :) I am going to make a card that I like with it even if it takes me a month!


Michelle said...

You are very hard on yourself! I LOVE that card! :-)

Anonymous said...

I too, think it's beautiful.

But I share your pain....I have a number of stamp sets like that. Maybe we are just too hard on ourselves?


Yvette said...

I think it's lovely, Alli! You are definitely being too hard on yourself. :D

Jenn in GA said...

I imagined that would be a problem with that set, although it DOES have potential!! Keep at it, and thanks for posting. Your work is inspiring to this Yankee across the Pond.

Suzi said...

I was not inspired by this set when I first saw it. I've got to say YOURS is the first card that I've seen done w/it that I like!! I love the colors that you used & I don't think the trees look like they just "stop" like most things I've seen w/this set. GREAT JOB!!!

I too have sets that I can not seem to make "work". I need try harder w/them, I guess.

Stamperosity said...

Fabulous card. I too have a difficult time with this set; in fact, I've not made a single card with it yet. Thanks for your inspiration.

shuggy said...

what a fabulous card, alli!!!

Lisa said...

I have several! LOL
Beautiful card.