Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm a Billy Bad Mood-er!

I was a Billy Bad Mood yesterday, lol. I didn't like this card or the card I made yesterday (the one below).

I still don't think that they are the best work I have ever done, but today with a little perspective, they are not the worst either, I just think they are a little bland, not awful, but not amazing either.

I think this one will look better with a sentiment on it. I might also tweak it a little!

I love my polka dot ribbon from Jody (TexasJodyLynn) though! :)


Alex said...

Hi Ally

Oh I think this is very very pretty, I sooo love Bodacious Bouquet, you lucky thing

In answer to your comment on my blog!! he he I have found the foam stamps not too bad, think they are very much for scrapbookers rather than cardmakers me thinks but only used one swirly one so far!!! so will have another try - need to get myself some of the swirls/flourishes from Rhonna Farrer I think, again blinking expensive over here though - and definitely have a look in WHSmiths they seem to be getting a whole load of stuff in yippee

Jenn in GA said...

Ally--You are WAY too hard on yourself! This one is a perfect example of your love of soft subtles, and the three dimensionalization (is that a word?) of the flower makes it look like a lily on a pond to me! Kudos!

Alli said...

Oh I so hear you! You know what, I am exactly like that too (maybe it's an Alli thing *lol*). I like these cards BUT I was thinking perhaps they are too simple. Maybe that is what is bothering you. I have had an extensive look through your cards again and normally you do more layers and steps and maybe THAT is what is sitting wrong with you! Honestly Alli, you are one talented stamper! I love your work.
Alli Miles

Jackie said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! I like this one - nothing at all wrong with it, I think it's very pretty.

Joan said...

I'm cracking up at your expressions -- what's a Billy Bad Mood? I think the card is adorable. You are being too hard on yourself lately. Let go and enjoy -- you are rocking!

squishychickfi said...

I like this - I think its the ribbon thats the problem! The fact that you haven't shared it yet! LOL I like the card and agree about the sentiment. It will balance it with the ribbon at the top and a sentiment at the bottom! DO NOT throw it away!!!!! cos I know you!

Yvette said...

Alli! You are way too hard on yourself, girl! I LOVE this! And you used some of my favorite colors (purple), too!

Julie Phillips said...

Well I like it! I think it's just about a perfect little card! It would certainly cheer up anyone's mail box.

Julie P.

texasjodylynn said...

Very pretty! The polka dot ribbon looks great with this card!