Friday, September 08, 2006

Demoing at Sheppey craft club

My best friend, Fi, and I demo once every two months at a craft club in Sheppey. This months we demoed flip flop cards and this is the card that Sam made with See D stamps.

I think she did a great job, but we have so much fun I love that club.

Fi sits at the top of the table and bosses everyone around. Sorry, that should be assertively organises everyone and I sit at the bottom of the table cracking jokes with all the naughty ones!

The ladies at the craft club are incredibly talented crafters, they just like new ideas and trying new things. Well done girls, you all made fabulous cards!


squishychickfi said...

I am assertive, not bossy - and if I didn't take charge where would we be??? It is good fun though and we do work well together. A bit like a comedy duo, I'm the straight guy! Which makes you the clown LOL!!!

Kristin said...