Saturday, September 30, 2006

Horrible news

Rob just had some horrible news. His father has prostate cancer. He doesn't know how serious it is yet, or whether it has spread to his bones, but it is a terrible shock. I'm not letting my parents go on holiday any more. Last time they went my dad had a stroke, this time Rob's dad finds out he has cancer.
Rob has taken it really well, or is in shock, or just deals with it practically, I don't know. The trouble is he is off on a course to York tomorrow, so if he needs me I won't be there. He'll be gone until Wednesday.
I feel horrible, I was so unkind about Rob's mum and dad when we went on holiday with them. I just wish I could take those few days back and redo them.
I guess that's what life is for! To teach us a lesson. I guess we just need to let him know how much we love him and are there for him whatever!

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